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Victory is undoubtedly an opinionated, but entirely overridable, ecosystem of composable Respond parts. Look into the docs to view how you may get commenced making interactive data visualizations.

Catastrophe inside of a The big apple tunnel as explosions collapse both of those finishes of it. A single hero tries to assistance the people today inside locate their way to protection.

He that seeketh victory above his nature, let him not established himself way too excellent, nor as well small responsibilities; for the 1st can make him dejected by frequently failings; and the 2nd is likely to make him a small proceeder, although by usually prevailings.

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He need to make an presenting towards the lions at dawn right before he will take Victory. The having of a queen needs a human providing!"

I'm not here to inform you that defeat is part of life: everyone knows that. Only the defeated know Enjoy. Mainly because it is within the realm of affection that we struggle our first battles – and generally eliminate.

With only six months left of his sentence, inmate Frank Leone is transferred from a minimum stability jail to your utmost stability prison by a vindictive warden.

3 Victory, conquest, triumph refer to A prosperous result of the wrestle. Victory implies the decisive defeat of an opponent in a very contest of any type: victory in struggle; a soccer victory.

But a disaster of leadership is hanging about your body chargeable for reworking the victory into lasting results, it has emerged.

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a. The state or fact of having defeated an opponent or of having accomplished good results: soldiers getting into the town in victory.

Victory dances and victory cries in the same way parallel war dances and war cries executed ahead of the outbreak of Actual physical violence.[citation desired]

[the conquests of Napoleon]; triumph indicates a victory where one particular exults as a result of its excellent and decisive character

defeat, licking - an unsuccessful ending to the battle or contest; "it click here absolutely was a slim defeat"; "the military's only defeat"; "they endured a convincing licking"

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